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Across the darkness of space war rages.

Humanity, having long ago realised that to ensure its survival it must spread to the stars, has set forth to establish an empire. Colonies, bases, mining operations and trade routes have sprung up in a hundred systems as mankind establishes a foothold in our area of the milky way, founded by colony vessels and kept safe by the might of the military. But as we have found on numerous occasions however, it turns out that we are not the only species in this area of our galaxy. Nor are we the only ones to have come up with this idea.

Having discovered that we are just one amongst many different races to call this area of the galaxy home, humanity finds itself thrust into an era of great peril. War rages between the great superpowers, which we find ourselves dragged into despite our best efforts. Relations with other species are more cordial if strained at times. Meanwhile the growing threat of terrorist organisations operating within our borders has diverted much needed personnel and resources from the ongoing war. On top of this many mysteries have been uncovered as we spread our influence further afield and establish ourselves on planets deep in neutral territory, many of which may yet prove to be a threat or a benefit to us in the future.



Humanity has become united under a meritocratic world alliance in order to establish themselves amidst the stars. Whilst this has not been easy and not  all have chosen to share it, a grand alliance of the majority of the earth’s nations has enabled humans to spread away from the solar system and found colonies in the surrounding sectors of space.

​For the most part this expansion has been peaceful with the Alliance making first contact with a number of smaller empires and independent worlds which we have subsequently signed peace treaties with along with founding trade agreements. However as we expanded into new areas to found new colonies we encountered more hostile civilisations. First contact with the Marak and then the Gorshkonian’s resulted in the first major interstellar war for control of the surrounding star systems, with both empires seeing us as outsiders. Whilst we at first made every effort to open and foster peaceful relations with these species their continued hostilities gave us no choice but to fight back to not only defend that which we had created but also to prevent the potential subjugation (or in the case of the Gorshkonians, extermination) of humanity itself.​


Combat Doctrine: The preferred tactics of the Alliance navy  is for balanced task groups  working together to cover large areas.



The Dren are almost completely unknown to the Alliance, occupying an area to the galactic East of known space. They have made no attempt to open relations with humanity and all hails between our vessels and theirs as well as long range comms broadcast across their borders go unanswered. Also, whenever Alliance forces have encountered their task groups in neutral territory they show nothing but outright hostility. It has also been observed that they are just as hostile towards the Marak and Gorshkon if their task groups encounter each other. They do however seem to be expanding their borders slowly into the neighbouring systems though well away from any territorial disputes affected by the war. This has resulted in Dren task groups heading deep into surrounding space, in actions that are thought to be securing territory and resources.


The only reason the Alliance has not taken major military action to counter this aggression is due to the ongoing war draining resources and assets towards other fronts, but this may change in the future unless more cordial relations are established.


Standing orders inside the Alliance military is not to go near the Dren boarder or patrol through neutral territory that they have an obvious interest in.


Combat Doctrine: Dren military doctrine is for task groups comprised  of large numbers of warships, primarily escorts and cruisers, to utilise weight of numbers against their enemies.


The alien vessels which have been codenamed as wraiths to the Alliance military are a complete mystery. Appearing not to belong to any known race and with no information having been discovered regarding their origins, the vessels themselves are larger than any vessel yet encountered and possess systems and weapons that are extremely advanced and powerful. Whilst they appear to have no interest in other races at all, with all hails going unanswered, it has been noted on numerous occasions that if a vessel approaches too closely the Wraith will suddenly transform from a slow moving, harmless target into an extremely aggressive enemy with little provocation. The reason for this is still unclear however.

The Wraiths slowly travel through space, pausing only to enter orbits of apparently random planets to carry out scans before moving away again or scan passing vessels or installations. The reason is yet unknown however Alliance intelligence has noted that they have only been encountered singularly, never in task groups and large numbers  have been detected moving along the edge of the milky way, almost as if they are patrolling the edge of the galaxy to guard against something, from what however is unknown. Standing orders for Alliance units is to stay well clear of them.

Marak Republic


The Marak are an old, long established republic which has been slowly expanding from their arid home world of Tursk for hundreds of years. Whilst they do have a democratic core to their culture the military have a large say in how things are run, with military service almost seen as a rite of passage for many young Marakians.

They have unfortunately proven to be extremely xenophobic in regard to almost all other races they encounter. This appears to be as a result of a strong sense of pride  which has bred a sense of superiority towards over species which was evident when humanity first made contact with them, resulting in relations which were cordial however this quickly changed into outright hostility. This belief  led directly towards the war between them and humanity, whom they believe to be little more than upstarts who are attempting to occupy territory they have long held to be theirs as well as the ongoing war between them and the Gorshkon, who they have had a long period of hostile tensions with.

Combat Doctrine: Marakian tactics is for large battlegroups comprised of their hybrid carrier-dreadnaughts, supported by large numbers of escorts.



The Gorshkon have a well-established empire to the galactic North of Alliance territory, run by a theocracy supported by a large military.


From what Alliance intelligence has been able to establish the Gorshkon are also an old empire, having settled in the space they now control centuries ago. That there is hostility them and the Marakians is obvious with both them and the Marakians being xenophobic and claiming the surrounding neutral space as their own, however the cause of this attitude remains unclear. What is known is that, as with the Marakians, the Gorshkon consider us as upstart outsiders claiming territory that rightfully belong to them, hence why they declared war on us withing a matter of days of first contact being made.


It has been noted that their forces seem to be going out of their way to locate Wraith vessels, which have been observed to be far more hostile towards the Gorshkon then other races vessels. This has led some amongst Alliance intelligence to speculate that they may have prior experience with them or a deeper relationship. Where and how this relationship started remains unknown.


Combat Doctrine: Gorshkonian military doctrine is for task groups built around a solid core of dreadnaughts and cruisers supported by fast moving escorts.

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