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Aeonian Void's starter set, including everything you need to start playing the game.

Starter Set

SKU: 001
  • 1 x A5 rule book.

    10 x D12 dice.

    1 x Capital turning template.

    1 x Escort turning template.

    Assorted vessel counters.

    3 x Asteroid terrain pieces.

    1 x Tape Measure.

    1 x Black table cloth.

    1 x Marker pen.

    1 x Sanek class Marakian cruiser.

    1 x Kovos class Marakian destroyer.

    2 x Aras class Marakian corvette.

    1 x Battle class Alliance cruiser.

    1 x A class Alliance destroyer.

    2 x H class Alliance corvette.

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